A guest post about the creation of ‘The Ballad of the Beach’

I was really pleased to be able to liaise with Lisa Hassan Scott so that a piece of my writing about the creation of my poem ‘The Ballad of the Beach’ could be published on her excellent blog.

It was really good to see my poetry on her blog (me? A guest blogger?!) and to have it accompanied by the beautiful art quilt by Karen Bachman-Kells (as featured in ‘Musings on Mothering’). Lisa has a large following on her blog – and I’m not surprised as she writes with great intelligence about parenting from the heart.

If you’d like to read my article, here is the link:

Lisa Hassan Scott’s blog

and why not stop by and have a good read of the articles on her site. You may just find that a minute (or twenty) have suddenly just vanished…



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