A few words about ‘Musings on Mothering’

Four of my poems appear in this anthology:

Baby’s First Feed

The Cold Cup of Tea

The Daffodils

The Ballad of the Beach

and the last two are accompanied by stunning works of art. Although I’m never keen to review a book that I’ve been involved with (as I feel I might not have the objectivity that a good reviewer should be in possession of) I did want to share some snippets of reviews from others:

Saffia Farr, the editor of Juno wrote:

“This is an amazing book. It is possible to get completely lost in it…

…Often, as mothers (and fathers), we are so busy caring and meeting everyday needs that we run out of time to muse. This book can help us to read others’ reflections and then see how they make us feel… 

…On first reading I was overwhelmed by the power of what is within. Motherhood is both wonderful and complex and Musings on Mothering captures this perfectly. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to La Leche League Great Britain.”

Angela Topping, a poet and educator (and one of my favourite poets) wrote:

“This book is not just for women, but for anyone who was ever born. Do consider buying someone you love a copy.”

Musings on Mothering can be bought from Amazon (there are 4 lots of 5 * reviews on there), but as we’re trying to go Amazon-free this Christmas in order to support publishers and independent book shops I’d encourage you to consider buying the book from either the publisher’s online store;

Mother’s Milk Books online store

or this store:

LLLGB online book store

or even these ‘real’ shops:

A Room Full of Butterflies, in Nottingham

ShopIndigo, in Oxford

The Inner Bookshop, in Oxford


Rough one page cover for Musings thumbnail


Oh, and I nearly forgot the fact that ‘Baby’s First Feed’ is in this gorgeous YouTube Video, along with two other poems I love: ‘Conception’, a haiku, by Michelle Sorrell and ‘Motherhood’ by Jessica Starr.





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