I own this very old dictionary named Cassell’s Concise English Dictionary which is still very much loved and used by me.  It’s nowhere near as large as my Oxford Concise English Dictionary but I still like to look words up in it because it has so many beautiful archaic words in it.

Anyway… so its definition of wistful is this: Full of vague yearnings, sadly longing; pensive.

Which somehow captures my mood at the moment.

Recently, when out and about with the kids, I’ve really enjoyed seeing them making a fuss over a friendly cat in the street. It’s made me remember how much I used to adore cats when I was a kid too. And it makes me want to get another cat someday. Yet it’s still not the right time for us – more for practical and financial reasons rather than anything else, but of course I can’t help but remember our dear old chap Moggy, who died two years ago, round about this time. I still miss him, and of course I can’t help feeling wistful when I see how much joy a cat can bring to a human.

So here’s to you old chap, Moggy, our very own king of cats.

Moggy and the blue fabric by Marija Smits
Moggy and the blue fabric by Marija Smits


Thanks to Amanda over at WriteAlm for the continued writing prompts. Much appreciated.



9 thoughts on “Wistful”

  1. Remembering the loss of a beloved pet can be a sad wistful time I agree. Our beloved Rough Collie (a Lassie dog we called her) also passed away some years ago around this time of year too. She was such a great character, with many quirky ways, so now we always play the ‘do you remember’ game to see who remembers the most silly things she used to get up to – it puts a smile on our faces and reminds us she still brings joy to the family, even though no longer with us 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you Cathy and Ellie for your kind words. Sounds like you’ve both got your own very precious memories, which perhaps make you feel wistful from time to time… As Ellie says, our pets still bring joy to our lives even though they’re no longer with us.

      Sending hugs to both of you across the internet xxx

  2. I’m always a bit wistful at this time of year. Is it the grey? The falling leaves? I’m not sure, but I embrace it and revel in a trip down memory lane.

    Love your drawing of your dear cat!

  3. Life Breath Present

    Such a wonderful drawing! Sorry to hear of your old cat Moggy. Animals can sure leave their mark on us humans in a way few other things can. 🙂

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