Of course I love to look upwards and gaze at the beauty of the stars. Looking at the constellations is a potent reminder of just how small I am; of how insignificant human life is. My troubles are as nothing to the vastness of the sky and the magnitude of the universe… How wonderful that the Creator filled the sky with all those points of light; all those colours produced by the setting sun, the rising sun, the many fantastic effects of the planets and other heavenly bodies. I cannot help but try to imagine how it felt to create all that beauty…

Yet of course us humans do not lead our lives gazing up at the stars. We turn our minds to more mundane matters; work, chores and of course, our own troubles.

How wonderful it is then to get a marvellous reminder of the wonder of human creativity and of the enormity of the infinitesimally small?

Just the other day my children and I began to do some marbleizing (marbling). According to my husband we were engrossed in this for almost 2 hours. It was engrossing! It was simply fascinating watching the acrylic inks drop onto the surface of the marbling solution, and then float and grow. We swirled the colours with wooden toothpicks, producing all kinds of constellation-like effects with the pigments, and we revelled in their beauty.

So perhaps we experienced a little of the Creator’s joy when creating the constellations. We manipulated matter and were delighted as we watched the larger effects of molecules interacting, dancing, creating new and unique constellations… We created our own universe. And it was good.


Marbling 'blue and white and red galaxy' by Marija Smits and family
Marbling ‘blue and white and red galaxy’ by Marija Smits and family



Multicoloured universe by Marija Smits and family
Multicoloured universe by Marija Smits and family


And if you’d like to have a go at marbling this is helpful:ย

Many thanks to Amanda atย Writealmย for the writing prompts ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are stunning! The sky at night is amazing isn’t it, and yes, it does make you think how small we and our world are in comparison. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your children : )

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