Don’t Blink


But I did, and guess what?

My children had grown;

they were older and not so dependent on me.

Months had gone by,

possibly years,

and somehow it had happened in the blink of an eye.


A woman in well-worn clothes, hair unkempt,

stared back at me from the mirror. When, exactly,

did her brow become furrowed?


You can try all you like not to blink.

But sooner or later something will give.




Don't Blink by Marija Smits
Don’t Blink by Marija Smits


Many thanks to Amanda over at WriteAlm for the writing prompts – they are always appreciated 🙂


7 thoughts on “Don’t Blink”

    1. Indeed! I’ve got the glasses now but not the hearing aids (as yet…).

      Thanks for stopping by – I love your photographs on your blog, but can’t figure out the whole commenting thing on your site!

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