Finding a new rhythm

I’ve been thinking about this post for quite a while but only just now got around to putting my thoughts into words.

I’ve had a lovely summer with my children (and husband, when he managed to get some time off) but since the seasons have changed abruptly I can’t help feeling rather melancholic. My daughter is back at school and of course I miss the rhythms of our holiday – breakfasting in bed with my two little ones, reading them lots of books with a cup of tea and then a (very slow) getting ready. Then there’d be coffee before lunch and then ‘art’ in our garage, which usually involved me getting my two busy with water, paintbrushes and paint. Finally, I could get my own work out and dabble a little – before someone urgently needed something! The afternoons usually involved some kind of activity, be that playing in the garden, going to the swimming pool, gymnastics, the playground or simply doing a little food shopping.

Anyway, that was our rhythm, and now we must find a new rhythm, one that involves getting ready for school, colder weather and shorter days (not my favourite things)… but it also involves picking blackberries, making puddings and woodland walks amidst the beauty of autumnal colours.

Blackberry and apple crumble
Blackberry and apple crumble

I am keen to continue our ‘art’ but as the garage is too drafty we’ve moved to the dining table and are working more with coloured pencils. I am really enjoying doing some drawing myself and have borrowed some great books from the library about drawing. It is so lovely to see my daughter’s drawing skills improving and to see her having so much fun. I don’t know where my own art journey will take me, but wherever it leads me I will be mindful of this: the actual act of creativity is the real reward.

Still life by Marija Smits
I had to work fast on this – the object of my still life was quickly eaten up by my daughter!

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