Poetry and play dough on Mothering Sunday

I wrote this a while ago, but (as usual) never got round to posting it up straight after. So, seeing as it’s Mothering Sunday, I feel it’s now or never! My daughter made the playdough art, and I stuck it on the fridge, though it had to come down pretty soon before her sibling got a chance to eat it!

I love you mum playdough art
I love you mum playdough art, photo by Marija Smits

Dear Mum

I know I sometimes make you stressed,

And put your patience to the test.

I know you sometimes need some space

To be alone; to slow the pace.

I know you long to make and do,

And when you don’t you feel like poo.

I know all this and that is why

I’ll hug you tight and really try

To pick my clothes up off the floor

And help you with that boring chore.

I’ll give you time to drink your tea

To rest, to think, to simply be…

For well I know I’m truly blessed,

I love you mum, you are the best.

by Marija Smits

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