Balance; and the delights of the season

I have been feeling more ‘balanced’ recently – which has no doubt been due to spending lots of time with two children who are getting more and more excited about Christmas.

There are so many wonderful smells, tastes, sights and sounds associated with Christmas; no doubt we all have our own unique sensory triggers that remind us of the joy and beauty of this season. Perhaps we add new ones each year…?

Currently I am enjoying listening to ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham first thing in the morning when my son and I go down to the kitchen (relatively early…!). I make myself a much-needed cup of tea while my son pours apple juice rather haphazardly into some glasses.

And speaking of apple juice – the cold, crisp days and evenings seem to call for a hot drink of something. So last night I made some mulled apple juice. This is basically some warmed apple juice with a few mulled wine spices chucked into it, with some added slices of oranges. Very simple, very tasty, and somehow soothing for both mind and spirit.

Mulled apple juice
Mulled apple juice


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